Project Survive

We started Project Survive because we believe in the power of stories.

Project Survive tells an authentic story of Cancer through the eyes and perspectives of survivors. The goal is to provide an open platforms that allow for honest narratives about the Cancer experience.

ProjectPhoto_ProjectSurviveUsing large scale-photos and in-depth interviews, Project Survive celebrates the lives of people who have overcome a battle that many never have to fight – and many never win. It brings to light the journeys of both childhood and young adult Cancer survivors, a population whose histories are often overlooked and whose stories often go untold.

There is no one story of the Cancer experience. Each experience is unique; with varying diagnosis, prognosis, courses of treatment, impacts and life-long effects. Every single person interviewed and photographed for Project Survive exemplifies the beauty, courage and resilience that exists in each individual facing a Cancer diagnosis, treatment and life afterwards.

Project Survive participants come from varying countries, backgrounds, hospitals and diagnosis.

Together, they tell the story of Cancer.



The Project Survive website is launching soon!